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We can help so you can concentrate on the people that matter.

Medical Administrative Assistance

Medical offices are one of the busiest offices all year round. Front and back office staff are constantly moving about the office verifying insurance, answering calls, attending patients, assisting physicians, and much more. However, there are times when medical offices need a little extra help to lighten the workload to allow for better patient care. 

We are here to help lighten the load and cover your bases! Whether its temporary help, as needed, or ongoing we can give your office the support it needs. All of our Medical Administrative Assistants are HIPPA certified.

Doctor's Desk

Business Services

Being a business owner is one of the most challenging and rewarding things in life. As a business grows, there tends to be a need to add personnel to efficiently run the business and tend to its customers.

We are here to help!


All of our  Blue Diamond Admins work hard to please and retain our clients because they too are small business that depend on these valuable client relationships.

Personal Assistance

Many busy people feel that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done that they would like or needed to do. Sometimes important things just slip by. Personal assistants can help to help take care of the some things so you can go back to the important stuff like spending time with family.

We can help keep track of expenses, pay bills on time, inbox management, appointment reminders, research, scheduling home repairs and much more!

Tidy Desk

Debt and Money Management

Many people are having trouble managing debt. Unfortunately good money management, how loans work, or how to use credit cards the right way is not something taught in school. Many of us have had to learn the hard way. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

If you want to learn how to better manage your money, pay off debt, and grow your savings schedule a free consultation! 

Data Entry

Data entry can be a monotonous task that can take up valuable time that could be better used for other more important tasks. We can take care of entering leads, reaching out to potential clients, completing intake forms, and other repetitive tasks for you.

Not sure how frequently you need help with data entry? No worries! We are flexible and will get it done for you when you need us. 

Writing an application


Posting job openings, receiving applications, interviewing, and selecting the right candidate is a lot of work. It can be an overwhelming task aside from the usual load. We can take that on for you!

We'll handle the posting of the open position, review applications and resumes, screening interview, submitting the best fitting candidates for approval, and scheduling the in person interview. We can also handle onboarding for you!

Custom Prints

We do personalized gifts, shirts, and more!

We can create unique gifts for your friends and family, custom clothing items for special events, decals for your car or other.

Plus shipping is free on orders over $50!

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