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Here To Make 
Your Life Easier

Before Blue Diamond Admins LLC was established in 2023, Cindy Torres had been known for an unparalleled commitment to employer and customer satisfaction.

It’s this standard of excellence that provided the momentum for her to grow her the business to who we are today.

We have over 10 years of administrative experience! 

Our mission is provide the best assistants for businesses and busy individuals. 

   For more information about the services we provide, reach out today.

The Passion Behind the Business

What really makes Blue Diamond Admins LLC great is our incredible team. Passionate, experienced, talented and friendly, we truly have the best of the best. Get to know the people behind the business, who are dedicated to making sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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Cindy Torres


Cindy Torres started Blue Diamond Admins LLC after 10 years of experience in the administrative field, as a medical assistant and caregiver.

 After seeing the need for employers or businesses to have dependable, honest, and hard working admins she decided to start her own company with high standards to provide the best service to our clients and make their life easier either virtually or in-person. 

She is known for being innovative and efficient when helping her clients.

Cindy has experience with Quickbooks, Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and more! She loves to learn new skills and expand her knowledge in various fields. She has a Logistician (ISJ-T) personality which makes her stand out as an observant, dedicated, responsible, disciplined, organized, patient, and honest person. She takes a calm and practical approach to life's challenges and isn't afraid to take them on. She is a great asset to businesses and relationships. 

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